Create the brand and online presence of your dreams.

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What’s Simple Start?

Simple Start is where entrepreneurs come to build their brand and online presence using a strategic and proven, step by step process so they can connect with their dream clients and create more freedom in their life.

You’ll learn exactly how to create a strategy, design your brand, write your copy and build your website like a pro using easy-to-follow tasks.

By the end of the program, you’ll have visuals and content that connects with your dream clients — live, launched, and working hard for your business. 

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“Simple Start was exactly what I needed to finally get my business off the ground!”

“My previous attempt at a brand and website looked unprofessional and totally missed the mark with my audience. Now, I’m confident to promote myself because I have a strategy behind my visuals and messaging that makes me stand out in my niche.”

Pauline, Personal finance coach

How does it work?

Simple Start follows my Simple Business Launch Method to take the guesswork out of creating the visuals and copy you need to get your business up and running.

Every step of the process is simple and actionable with clear and easy-to-follow tutorials delivered by both video and printable instructions, tech guides, swipe files, and templates.

For more information, check out the program details.

Is Simple Start for me?

If you’re an ambitious go-getter ready to build (or rebuild) your business online so that it connects with your dream clients, Simple Start is for you.

This program is the perfect fit for —

Aspiring entrepreneurs

Dreaming of starting your own business, but not sure where to start or what to do next? Drowning in tech overwhelm trying to figure out how to do it yourself? Simple Start will give you all the tools you need to get up and running online with a solid foundation.

Entrepreneurs ready to level-up

Already running a business, but embarrassed by your brand and website (or by not having one)? Ready to take your copy and visuals to the next level? Simple Start will teach you how to create an online presence that you’re proud of and that makes you stand out.

Success stories

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“Before Simple Start I didn’t want to go anywhere near designing or setting up my website. It felt scary and like it was a waste of my effort. I also had zero time so I needed something easy — like this program. I'm not sure how, but Alli transformed me into someone that actually looks forward to working on my website. Now, it’s enjoyable and even relaxing for me.”
Petra MacDougall
Women’s empowerment coach
“I feel like a weight has been lifted. I knew what I wanted to do, but despite all of my research, I struggled to know how to get my business started and the thought of doing it on my own terrified me. Simple Start gave me the confidence and step-by-step instructions I needed to create a brand and website that I'm incredibly proud of.”
Tammy Atchley
Parenting Coach
“Simple Start gave me all the know-how and tools to get my business up and running AND has empowered me to be able to continue creating and adjusting as my business grows. Alli’s step-by-step process somehow makes the process feel truly simple and fun even though you’re learning so much!”
Jennifer Eschbach
E-commerce shop owner

Hi there! I’m Alli

I’m a brand and business strategist, WordPress designer and developer, and the CEO and founder of Do Well Design Studio where my mission is to help business owners elevate their brand and online presence so that they can quickly and confidently connect with their dream clients and make money with ease.

After meeting so many entrepreneurs overwhelmed, struggling, and lost not knowing where to start and what to do next, I knew I could help.

I created Simple Start to teach you step-by-step how to create a cohesive strategy, build a breakthrough brand, write compelling copy, and construct your website. That way, you can move forward with confidence and stand behind a bangin’ online presence that you’re proud to share.

Alli McAuley

How much does it cost?

Your investment in Simple Start of $997 is a fraction of what you’d need to pay if you were going to hire professionals to do all of this for you.

By learning to create with me by your side, you’ll have the skills and confidence needed to continue to do it yourself. This way, you never have to outsource design and development again, saving you loads of money over time as your business grows!

For added flexibility, a payment plan is also available, so you can get started today for just $547.

Ready to stop being stuck and start moving forward with your business?